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Photographer’s Delight

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I took this snap in Aachen in Germany. I call it ‘Photographer’s Delight’ because when the father-son duo saw me taking their picture, they were glad to stop and pose for me. They smiled and patiently waited until I took their photo. I then walked to them and thanked them for their gesture. Quite often, people would either shy away or visibly become uncomfortable when framed in a camera. Rarely would one pose with a nice comforting smile. Danke Herr und Männchen :)!


Karthik Calling Karthik

May 7, 2010 4 comments

Although I had heard the name of this movie, it never caught my attention and I decided to skip it. Neither the name wasn’t interesting nor were it’s song except for “Jaane Ye Kya Hua” which is part of my collection. A few days back while checking out YouTube videos, I happened to see a part of the movie. I liked it. From what I saw, I thought it is a nice romantic movie. Besides, I was glad to see Farhan Akhtar… you see I had absolutely no idea about the movie. This made me see the rest of the movie. I finished seeing it 15 mins back. Wow! Fantastic movie! I googled to see who made it. Farhan Akhtar!!! Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya, Rockon… and now he does it again!

The movie started as yet another story of an introvert nice guy, Karthik, who gets kicked around. May be the movie is about how he turns around himself. But unable to bear his miserable life, he decides to commit suicide. Here it starts becoming fictitious. His suicide is averted by a phone call from his own self which offers to help him change his life. Indeed his life is changed and he gets everything he had wished for including his dream girl, Shonali. Now this looks like a romantic movie. Karthik reveals about his phone calls to Shonali who thinks that he needs psychiatric help. This starts creating problem in their relationship and one day he looses everything. Ok it is a love story with little bit fiction and usual emotions, heart breaks and patch ups. Karthik runs aways from his life, goes into a hiding and starts again afresh. Everything looks fine, except Shonali and Karthik are not together. I thought… it’s a hindi movie… the director will definitely bring them together… but what about the phone calls. Hmm… dunno know. May be it is director’s ‘ingenious’ idea to bring-in the “hath ke” factor in the movie. At this point, the riddles starts solving when the phone calls are traced to Karthik’s suffering from schizophrenia. Not only is the story brought to a logical conclusion, but also the movie ends with Karthik and Shonali in each others’ arm, embraced in a warm tight hug.

I liked the movie because it portrayed several human emotions very well. It showed the insecurities of man and how it effects him. It also shows how a person with medical problems might face trouble in leading a normal life and how the world can become insensitive towards him. On one hand, the movie shows the fragility of relationships – a little rough weather and it falls off. But on the other hand, it also shows the essence of love – people might go but love stays on. And it ends with a message that the only cure needed is a little love and concern.

The Google Truck

May 2, 2010 2 comments

The first thought I got on seeing this truck was “Google”, and thus the name “Google Truck”. I saw this somewhere near the border of Belgium & Netherlands on my way to Lisse in Netherlands. The sequence of colors is same as that used in Google’s logo except that the first letter here is in Green whereas it’s blue for Google. The colors get repeated in the same order again.

I tried finding out the meaning of the word ‘Boekestijn’. It’s apparently a Dutch last name and here it refers to the name of the company.

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