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Babu Moshai

July 19, 2012 3 comments

Babu moshai, hamari mushkil malum he kya he? Hum aane wale gum ko kinch taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hain aur aaj ki khushi me jahar ghol dete hain.

One of the many touching dialogues from the movie Anand. These few words sum up the entire philosophy of living. Anand is one of the few movies where I have found respite time and again on days when I needed to make sense and contemplate on matters of life.

It’s a sad day today, not only for me but for millions of fans, old and young, who have loved Rajesh Khanna, aka Kaka, for his brilliant movies and evergreen songs. His prime years were over by the time I was born. But I experienced his brilliance through his movies and songs, thanks to papa.

I never knew him well or made efforts for finding out who he was outside the cinema screen. We were quite strangers. Still  I feel sad today. Unlike, other yesteryear actors whom I had loved but there loss just passed away like any other news for me.

Today, when I digged into my collection of old songs, I realised that a large number of my favorite songs are of Kaka’s movies. He has been with me for a long time now, right from my days of  high school exam preparations to my most recent road trip through the Rhine valleys in Germany. It has been a long journey together and I realised this togetherness only today.

Although Kaka is gone, my journey with him will continue for the rest of my lifetime. There are many more trips to be done, many codes to written and many quite evenings to be spent. He will continue living in my memories because –

Anand mara nahin, anand marte nahin…

One of my favorite songs –

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