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Incir reçeli

September 4, 2012 Leave a comment

“I love fig jam”, says Duygu.  “And I hate fig jam”, responds Metin.

This was one of the many differences between Metin and Duygu. They had very different perspectives about life. Naturally the idea of how to live it also differed, and hence the love versus hate for the fig jam :).

Duygu’s coming into Metin’s life was like the brief autumn between summer and winter. Autumn brings with itself colors and beauty. Although it is prelude to the oncoming winter, it leaves while filling our hearts with a hope of its returning again. So was Duygu’s love for Metin. She brought new colors into Metin’s life. Sadly she had to go, just like autumn has to go. However, before she left, she inspired Metin to continue doing what he loves to do and gave him hope to look forward to a new spring.

Love is like drops of perfume. The essence of perfume drops can be sensed, long after they are gone. So, is with love. It can live long after the person is gone. It continues to linger while beautifully blending memories, inspirations, happiness, pain and hope.

This is the story of Duygu and Metin from the movie “Incir reçeli“. It is a Turkish movie which I happened to see on-board my flight to Istanbul. Lovely romantic movie. “Incir reçeli” means fig jam in Turkish.

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