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The Rendezvous

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I was walking towards the check-in desk, still not sure if I should take this flight. There was a strife between my mind and my heart. The “logical” mind said that I’m just being a fool and will return heart-broken, whereas the “fanciful” heart was more hopeful and pushed me to go for it. Unable to decide, I proceeded.  I dropped my baggage, collected my boarding pass and walked towards the security check. As I stood in the queue, I said to myself, “This is the last chance of returning back”. The strife deepened. I wanted to listen to my mind but wanted to believe my heart.

Finally, after the security check, I was at the boarding gate and soon inside the flight on my window seat in the third row. It was raining outside. The window glass was completely covered with water droplets. I could see the outside world upside down in these drops. It was beautiful. As the flight taxied for take off, the wind blew away all the drops. Through the clear glass, I could see the diminishing houses, cars and roads. Soon I lost all the view as we entered the thick clouds. A while later, we soared above the clouds and were greeted by a bright blue sky and cheerful shining sun. All these, diverted my attention but not for long.

As I gazed outside the window, I thought over the past few months. I retraced the sequence of events that had led to this day. I could clearly recall the first time when I saw her. Her beauty captivated my heart and her mischievousness delighted me. Recalling that moment itself brought smile to my face. “It’s worth it dude”,  suddenly my heart interrupted my thoughts. “Let’s see”, I replied back.  I would feel restless every time I thought about her. I missed being close to her and longed to meet her.

“Sir, would you like tea or coffee?” My thoughts were interrupted by the air-hostess. “Coffee please”, I replied. “Milk and sugar?”, she further asked. “Yes, please. Two sugar and two milk”, I replied again.  It was good coffee and it was hot. It made me feel warm as I was looked out of the window at the snow covered mountains. I snugged in my seat after I finished the coffee and my thoughts returned back to her. In these past few months, I have been enamoured by her. She is mischievous. She is flirtatious. She is unpredictable.

Something shook and I woke up. The flight had landed. I didn’t realize when I had fallen asleep. “Oh! I have reached”, I gasped. I was nervous. Strange isn’t it? You wait for something for so long but when it’s almost there you feel that it came too early. Anyways, I exited the flight, picked up my baggage as well as the rental car. Once inside the car, I entered the destination address in the GPS. The GPS quickly finished routing and announced, “20 kms to your destination”. The screen showed 20 minutes to the destination. I sat there for few minutes hoping time to pass slower, hoping GPS to show 60 minutes to the destination. Finally I started the engine and pulled out the car.

It was cold and windy. The sun had set and the moon was rising above the horizon. It was becoming dark fast. I kept driving. The GPS voice would interrupt once in a while and I would notice the diminishing time and distance to the destination. Finally, I heard “In 200 meters, you will reach your destination. Destination is on your right”. My heart pumped faster. I clenched the steering tighter. I looked at the rear and side mirrors. I changed the FM station. “Will she be there?” “Will I be able to meet her?” “What will I say?” “What should I do when I meet her?”… there were hundreds of questions running through my mind.

“You have reached your destination”, announced the GPS. I pulled over the car. I turned off the engine. Slowly, undecidedly I got out of the car. I stood there, looking at her. She was there. I wanted to get back into the car and drive back. I wanted to run away. But I couldn’t move. I stood there. I looked below at my boots. I put my hands in pockets, fiddling with the car keys. I looked at the car, I looked away from it. I looked everywhere except at her. She smiled. She sensed  my hesitation. But she waited. I slowly and hesitatingly started walking towards her.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 6, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    this is incomplete..:-( what happens next…??

    • December 6, 2012 at 3:49 pm

      Hi, sorry I did not recognize you? Hmm.. i still haven’t written about what happened next.

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