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Bob Marley – 3 Months and counting…

October 19, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

IMAG0805_BURST014-2“Hey that’s Bob Marley”, I said to Frank on listening to the music. “I like him”, I continued. Frank replied, “I’m glad that I like him too”. I was intrigued by his reply. I asked, “Why do you say that?”. “Well it’s been more than 3 months since I have been listening to this one cassette of Bob Marley in my van”, Frank replied. Seeing the puzzled expression on my face, he pointed towards the cassette/radio player in his van. “You see there is no eject button here. 3 months back my kids were fighting here and in that they broke off the eject button. Since then the cassette has been inside and I’ve been listening to him daily”, Frank replied smiling. “May be I’ll get it fixed when I get bored or don’t like Bob Marley anymore”. 

Frank is the transporter guy whom I met today. He was helping us with transporting and moving some stuffs for a friend of mine. I shared few rides with him in his van and he is an amazing person :).


Frank with his van


Frank’s hat. I couldn’t help noticing it on the dashboard 🙂

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